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Element Outfitters

is a family owned business. Paul and Stacie, a husband and wife team, have spent the last decade running Element Outfitters as a local outdoor sporting goods store in Pocatello, Idaho. Four years ago, they expanded by opening a second Element Outfitters in Pocatello. Paul and Stacie wanted to share their love for the outdoors, and the hometown feel of Element Outfitters, with those of you who live outside Pocatello by started this Online Outdoor Store

The mountains and weather make South East Idaho one of the best places in the west to go outside and play. It is no wonder why the owners and staff have such a huge love for the outdoors. Between us all, we work hard and have a lot of fun. We want to share that fun and adventures with you. You can checkout our Local's Guide to see what we are up to in our area. In return, we hope you will share your fun and adventures with us on facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or via email. The secret recipe to enjoying the outdoors: Just Add You!!!

Thanks you so much for visiting Element Outfitters. We hope you feel at home and find what you need. No matter the question, don't hesitate to give us a call. We can be reached at our toll free number 855 232-1771, via email to support@elementoutfitters.com